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5 months ago
Nature SMP Release Date 04/09/2021


A wild experience of Nature and Nether.


Explore what the world has to offer in our 1.17 server experience of Nature mixed with a Nether twist!

Nether twists you may be asking.

Later on of the servers release we will be enabling Zombified Piglin's spawning in the overworld, Lyris wants your help to clear them out, plus FREE GOLD!


Global Crates!

Wish you could have some old items we have given out in the past on old servers? Now you can with Global crates!

Get them from Basic Supply Crates or /Crystals Store and grow your collection! Items from Void Adventures, Classic SMP and Fox SMP will be added overtime, so keep an eye on the crates!



Our amazing Patty/Moss Club members, we welcome you to Nature SMP early!

Team Patty/Team Vey - 3 Hours Early Access

Cinnamon Roll/Crystal Moss - 2 Hours Early Access

Cinnaspice/Diamond Moss/Patty+/Emerald Moss - 1 Hour Early Access

Just leave you usernames in the club chats and we will add you to the whitelist.


Release Date:

BST Time: 04/09/2021 10pm.


5 months ago
How to Skyblock (Skyblock servers)

You want to live on an Island in the sky?
Me too! But I feel you have come here for a reason, and that's to learn how to play Skyblock, well it's simple!


Useful Commands:

/is - Creates your island and also teleports you to your island.

/is team - Shows you a list of your team members on your island.

/is team coop (Player name) - Grants access to edit your island (Within the settings you have set) until you log off.

/is team trust (Player name) - This doesn't take up team member slots, you can have up to 4 people trusted and they can also have their own island, this grants them access to edit your island (Within the settings you have set)

/is team invite (Player name) - Invite a player to move onto your island, what joy it is to not be alone!

/is team kick (Player name) - Kicks a member off your team.

/is team accept - Accept an island team invitation.

/is team reject - Reject an island team invitation.

/is kick (Player name) - Kick a player off your island (They may revisit after 10 minutes)

/is ban (Player name) - Ban a player from your island, they can't get back onto it from there.

/ignore (Player name) - Hide messages from a specific player, does not work on staff.

/is level - Shows your island level, this also updates your island level.

/is top - Shows island level leaderboard.

/is chat - Chat with people that are currently on your island.

/is teamchat - Chat with people on your island team.


How to build a cobble gen:

This is hard to explain in text, follow this design and you should have no problems!

Extend your island border with crystals, /crystals store

Level up your island by placing blocks.

Set up island warps by placing a sign and put [Welcome] on the top of the sign, the other 3 rows you can write whatever you like.

5 months ago

Look, I get it. You want ranks, commands and items for free without spending a single penny on DezoCraft.

We got you covered with CRYSTALS!

Put your wallet back in your pocket and save some cash, get crystals from levelling up (For servers that support it) Crystals crates in /kit hourly or buy them off other players with in game money through Crystal Cakes!

We are aware ranks are more expensive to buy through crystals, this is intended. Buying ranks through crystals is intended to do the free way, not buying them. We will not give refunds on this.

Is earning them the free way too slow for your liking, we get it, you want to extend that skyblock island border further right now, or maybe get a HUGE claim on our SMP servers, so that's why we have added a way to buy them with REAL MONEY!

Simply go to the following link, select the amount and which server you want them on (This is still in trial so it's all per server at the moment) and your good to go! DezoCraft | Crystals

To buy things through crystals do /crystals store and select what you wish to buy, we do not offer refunds on purchases unless the price isn't as intended or bugged.

Each crystal cake gives 100 crystals, the added price is tax!

5 months ago
How to SMP (SMP Servers)

Hello players,

This page is here to teach you how to claim land on all our SMP servers, it works the same on all of them unless we state in the announcement.

Commands you will need to know:

/kit claimshovel - This kit gives you a golden shovel named Claim Shovel this tool can be used to claim land which we will go over later on in this post.

/unclaim - This removes your claim(s) to remove a specific claim, stand in that claim you want to remove and do the command, if you wish to unclaim everything, stand outside of all the claims and do the command, WARNING this means EVERYONE can destroy your builds and take your loot, in some cases we may roll back but we CANNOT guarantee it depending on the situation.

/trust (Player name) - This grants the player access to build/break blocks on your claim, open chests and open doors, if you get griefed by a trusted player we WILL rollback your builds and give the correct punishments.

/untrust (Player name) - This removes a players access to building in your claim. This also includes using chests, harming animals and using doors.

/containtrust (Player name) - This grants the player access to your chests, be careful as we WILL NOT restore stolen items, use /untrust to remove them from /containertrust

/accesstrust (Player name) - This grants the player access to using your doors, buttons, levers and harming animals. use /untrust to remove this access.

/ignore (Player name) - This blocks a message from a specific player that is annoying you, they also can't see your messages you send too, staff are IMMUNE to this command, so do not try!

/trustlist - Shows a list of trusted players in a claim, stand in the claim you wish to see which players have access to what.

How to view where your claims are:

/Claimlist will show a list of your claims with the coordinates too, if you died and didn't set a home, contact a staff member from our amazing team and they can get you back to your claim, just be sure to /msg (staff username) the coordinates so they can fly there for you!

How to claim land:

/kit claimshovel will give you a golden shovel named Claim Shovel right click a block you wish to be one corner, then go to the opposite corner and right click that block to make a box, once you have done that it should show glowstone and gold blocks as the outline, if you wish to extend, go to one corner of your claim, right click it and walk out, same can be done for making it smaller too.

Want to view how big your claim is?
Use a stick and right click where your claim is, it will show a border just like this:Claim Borders

When do my claims expire?

If you have not purchased claim blocks, they will expire after 60 days of inactivity, if you have purchased at least 2000 claim blocks, it is protected for the lifetime of the server.


How do I purchase claim blocks?

Do /crystals store, a menu will pop up, click the (server name) items page, then select one of the golden shovels, if you don't have the crystals, you can buy some or earn them free from /kit hourly in crystals crates!

Buy crystals at: DezoCraft | Crystals

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