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Elemental Milestone Goals
4 months ago


Current: 116/125


10 - 1 free spawner crate key on Void Adventures at the beginning of each season.

Builder Applications Now Open!
7 months ago


We have now opened builder applications, removing the fact you must be on our staff team to apply!

Apply here: Builder Application


OneBlock Server
8 months ago

OneBlock Server

There is only ONE block!

Our OneBlock server is our official skyblock type server, it releases on 27th January 2022 5pm GMT BUT if you are a Patty Club member, you can get in 1 hour early at 4pm GMT to experience all the fun before others do!

Dezo Adventures Release Date (24.09.21
about 1 year ago

Dezo Adventures Season 1: A New World

"Ever since I was rescued by the 10 in the void world, my life has changed completely, I am stuck in this new world, but I got my friends around me still from our original home, this is our cry for help, restore peace to this world as I feel things will get chaotic soon." - Emma

Nature SMP Release Date 04/09/2021
about 1 year ago


A wild experience of Nature and Nether.


Explore what the world has to offer in our 1.17 server experience of Nature mixed with a Nether twist!

Nether twists you ma...

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