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Dezo Adventures Development Log #2
Started by Jonpatty



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26 Aug 2020
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03 Jun 2024

Dezo Adventures Development Log #2

Last post I explained all confirmed features, and wow I think we can all agree, quite good stuff coming!
Hope you are on the edge of your seats as I will run you through the next lot of features.
As always, please note all content explained here may change at anytime.

Do I smell cookies?!

DezoCraft is proud to announce it's official partnership with TheCookieMonsta!
In a later patch, explore the mysteries of the candy land, and help TheCookieMonsta find his stolen cookies from The Corruption! This explore zone will be a permanent explore zone and will not leave at any time, so grab your gear when the time comes, and get hunting!
Be sure when this update drops to grab TheCookieMonsta's Cookie Set off the Crystals store! Fancy a discount? Buy the complete bundle to save some Crystals!

Storage Fun!
Don't like mining and your inventories get full every time!
You will love this feature as when you mine, you can have shulkers collect specific items for you! Leaving more inventory space for your collecting fun!
This feature is still in testing and isn't 100% confirmed, but we are determined to make it official, we will let you know once further into development!

This next feature is connected to storage, which is automatic chest sorting! Simply do /chestsort or even /invsort and all your items will be neatly organised so you can focus on the grind more than keeping things clean!
Again this is an experimental feature, but we feel this one is more likely to happen!
(This will not be locked behind a rank either!)

Season Pass Info
Look, we get it! You are excited for more Season Pass info!
We have encountered a bug with this feature and have paused development for this feature for the time being, but you clearly want to know how long each season will last.
We plan to have each season last 10 to 12 weeks, Season 1 starting August 28th (Sooner if you have Top Patty or Patty Club and join the early access!) and ending November 10th.

Please leave feedback on all these features and be sure to keep an eye on these forums for more info on Dezo Adventures.

Thank you for playing and supportingĀ DezoCraft!

Jonpatty · about 1 year ago