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Dezo Adventures Development Log #1
Started by Jonpatty



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26 Aug 2020
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03 Jun 2024

Dezo Adventures Development Log #1

Welcome to a new forums series!
We haven't been using our forums for much, but that will change! Throughout development of Dezo Adventures (Referred as DA by the community) I will explain all the confirmed* features coming to Dezo Adventures Season 1: United! To keep everyone excited!

*Please keep in mind, all content explained may change at any time!

The Crystal Moss Caves

Our first topic is the Crystal Moss Caves. Explore deep into this magical, moss covered explore zone, to find out the origins of the world where it came from, get some ores/resources and even find and collect some Crystal Moss!
What will Crystal Moss do you ask? Collect 32 pieces of it, and you can trade it in at a villager at /spawn to get the Crystal Moss set, this set is cosmetic, we plan to have this set turn the player green with the glow effect, so it's both cosmetic, and useable!

Explore The Crystal Moss Cave when it releases in Version 1.10 of Dezo Adventures!


In Game Suggestions

Want to share your feedback without opening Discord? We will hopefully have made a feature where you can do /suggestion (message) to share your ideas to help us improve the server! This is a project for the players, not for what I want out of it! So feel free to use this feature when Dezo Adventures comes out, and we will have a read through all your amazing comments!


Crystals Store

I know what you are thinking "Oh, I know this is coming out!"
But you don't know what it will contain and how to use it!
You can open the Crystals store by doing /Crystals store and browse our amazing selection of custom items and goodies, this will hopefully replace the Tebex store for anything on Dezo Adventures, to keep it all in one place and more organised!
Our Crystals feature has a way to get them for free, when you do /kit hourly on Dezo Adventures, it will give you both Dezo Exp and a Crystals crate key, which you can use to open a Crystals Crate to get from 1 to 20 Crystals every hour!


Calling All Patty Club!

Patty Club members! Hello!
We need your help to test Dezo Adventures, so we will be giving you all early access, and no your data will not be reset on full release!
Here is how it is going to work

  • Top Patty: will be getting 1 Week early access! We trust these players to help test as many features as possible, and not abuse it, so we can hopefully patch a good amount before full release!
  • Team Patty: will be getting 5 Days early access! The more players we welcome sooner, the more we can find out what's broken!
  • Cinnamon Roll Club: will be getting 3 days early access!
  • Cinnaspice Club: will be getting 2 days early access!
  • Patty+: will be getting 1 day early access!
  • Patty Premium: will be getting 2 hours early access!

This is all the info we are able to give at this time, check back next time for more info!

Thank you for playing and supporting DezoCraft!

Jonpatty · about 1 year ago