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How to Skyblock (Skyblock servers)
Started by Jonpatty

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26 Aug 2020
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12 Nov 2023

You want to live on an Island in the sky?
Me too! But I feel you have come here for a reason, and that's to learn how to play Skyblock, well it's simple!


Useful Commands:

/is - Creates your island and also teleports you to your island.

/is team - Shows you a list of your team members on your island.

/is team coop (Player name) - Grants access to edit your island (Within the settings you have set) until you log off.

/is team trust (Player name) - This doesn't take up team member slots, you can have up to 4 people trusted and they can also have their own island, this grants them access to edit your island (Within the settings you have set)

/is team invite (Player name) - Invite a player to move onto your island, what joy it is to not be alone!

/is team kick (Player name) - Kicks a member off your team.

/is team accept - Accept an island team invitation.

/is team reject - Reject an island team invitation.

/is kick (Player name) - Kick a player off your island (They may revisit after 10 minutes)

/is ban (Player name) - Ban a player from your island, they can't get back onto it from there.

/ignore (Player name) - Hide messages from a specific player, does not work on staff.

/is level - Shows your island level, this also updates your island level.

/is top - Shows island level leaderboard.

/is chat - Chat with people that are currently on your island.

/is teamchat - Chat with people on your island team.


How to build a cobble gen:

This is hard to explain in text, follow this design and you should have no problems!

Level up your island by placing blocks.

Set up island warps by placing a sign and put [Welcome] on the top of the sign, the other 3 rows you can write whatever you like.

Jonpatty · over 2 years ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago