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Welcome to DezoCraft's rules page!
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Chat Rules:

1. No swearing/offensive words/ homosexual comments or anything similar/related to these topics.

2. No bullying, harassment or any of the sort will be tolerated on this network, action will be taken to those who break this rule.

3. No spamming in game, or on the forums.

SMP Rules:

1. No more than 10 spawners per grinder, you cannot make multiple grinders and have it go into one kill chamber to bypass this rule.

2. No griefing in claims you have trust on, we will punish players that break this rule as we like to keep SMP's peaceful.

3. No hacks of any kind, no mods that give you unfair advantages are allowed, we will not provide a list, we just ask you use common sense when deciding.

4. Chat rules apply here, keep it PG!

5. If someone asks you to leave their claim, please do so.

6. No harassment, bullying or any of the sort.

7. Keep builds PG, nothing offensive.

Skyblock Rules:

1. No griefing on islands you get trust on.

2. Chat rules apply here.

3. If someone asks you to leave their island, please do so.

4. No spawner limit, we just ask you consider the server health! Any excessive farms will be removed by an admin with no items returned.

5. Keep builds PG, No offensive builds. 

6. No hacks allowed, mods that give unfair advantages are also not allowed.

Minigames Rules:

1. No hacks allowed, mods that give unfair advantages are also not allowed.

2. Do not abuse glitches, report them!

3. No bullying/harassment allowed.

4. Chat rules apply.

5. Play fair and be respectful to each other, we all can have fun if we play nice instead of being mean and breaking rules.

Breaking any of these rules will stop you from being able to take part in competitive tournaments we host.